Esther from @thiswildheart is a Momfluencer and content creator based out of Toronto, Canada. We love her because she creates a bright and visually stunning feed, while integrating honest content and beautifully styled sponsored content. She started before she was a mom, but successfully transitioned her content from purely lifestyle, to include motherhood into the mix. Find out more about Esther in our interview with her below!

Q: We are always curious as to how influencers got started, so what brought you to blogging and social media? 

A: Honestly, I signed up for IG when it pretty much launched and I was back in university like 10 years ago! I didn't care for it much until I started to post one photo a day just for fun of mundane things like my coffee or books I loved etc. I used to get featured when they used to have that feature (OGs know) and started to grow a following. Eventually I started a blog off the platform so that I could express and share more than one photo/small caption. You can scroll all the way back to my first photo and it is literally the worst filter ever - but I've left it there because it's part of how I've grown to now! 


Q: We love your feed! Any tips on how to get a great photo? 

A: Composition and lighting! You really just need a camera phone and just to know what you're trying to capture and what you want it to say! I prefer light and bright photos but some people love dark and moody - it's really what style you're looking to share!


Q: As a follow up to that, what apps do you use, or would you recommend to edit and organize your posts? 

A: I love Lightroom for Iphone, Afterlight and VSCO but I would say the majority of the time I love using Lightroom. As for organizing my photos - I've always had a separate folder where I store any photos I want to post and represents my feed. 


Q: We know that creating content can be harder than it seems on social, so how do you make it look so easy, and what would you say are the key ways that you ensure your content is always on point?

A: I think it's especially hard now with a toddler. I just pre-plan ahead of time but of course not everything goes the way you want it to sometimes. For instance, if I need my toddler in the shots, I always try to time it around after naps or way before a nap. This way you've got him in a good mood! 


Q: There are a lot of factors that contribute to great content, but as an influencer, how do you judge whether a post or collaboration has been successful?  And how do you avoid the dark hole of obsessing over your numbers?

A: I think it's important to show to your audience that you don't only care about the $$$ behind a brand, rather you care about what they mean to you. For me, working with brands that resonate with myself on a personal level is very important and adds value to my followers as well. I think success is measured through the types of interactions you have with your audience. 


Q: What are your tips for other mamas who want to do what you do? 

A: Do it because you love it and want to share your story. Not because you think it'll make you $$$ if you make it. There's so many people out there doing the same thing, but not everyone can tell a story and captivate an audience! Trust your gut, if you don't think it's right, don't share/post! 


Q: What has been your biggest challenge in the influencer and social media world? 

A: I think now, it's all these micro influencers/younger/cooler people are out there and I sometimes feel like I'm not so relevant anymore. That's why I'm trying to work on different platforms and share different things for 2020. It's all about learning and evolving!


Q: Any tips for working with brands, or approaching brands that you want to work with? 

A: Know your worth and what you can bring to the table. Many times, brands will try and trade items or low ball on partnerships. That's not to say you shouldn't trade product but content but you need to know what's it worth to you. For me, I've created a media kit that outlines what you get for what you pay for and many times, brands will vouch for you and will work with you! For instance, many times when I work with paid sponsors, I will book a photographer, a studio, grab props, edit the content that needs to put forth to the brand and so forth. There's a lot of behind the scenes you don't always see! 


Q: We know that just being a mom can be pretty tough, so what are your tips for balancing influencer/mom life? 

A: I'm pretty much a planner and try to make sure I have a list of to-do's that can get done for the day. Sometimes life happens and not everything gets done but it's not the end of the world! 


Q: What have been some of your favourite brands to work with, and why? And what is your dream collab?

A: I have worked with many brands over the years not just related to mommy stuff. I loved working with Lincoln Motors because we were able to travel and have the babymoon of our dreams, but I've also loved working with smaller brands which I exchanged product for not a paid sponsorship like Bugaboo! 

My dream collab would be an airline to travel somewhere on my bucket list! 

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