First, let’s start with the basics.

Full name: Bianca Hansen 

Where do you live: Green Bay, WI

How many years have you been a creator? 3.5

Now for our questions. 

Q: We are always curious as to how influencers got started, so what got you started?

I was a new mom of two, staying home with my kids, and had completely lost my identity. I felt isolated and alone, and needed an outlet to talk to not only adults, but somewhere to express my creative freedom. I became content just trying to do it all at home, and my complacency became contagious to everyone else around me. I decided to start sharing what I love, my kids and my fashion standing it front of my garage with a water bottle holding up my phone on a 10 second timer over and over again.  

Q: We love your feed! Any tips on how to get a great photo?

I take so much content, even if it’s the same shot over and over again. And ALWAYS Live Photos so I can adjust maybe one face being off expression wise, and I can turn them into little videos for stories or reels if need be. Also, authenticity. I try to be as authentic as possible, I never force my kids to do something if they’re not into it. Lighting is also key. My house isn’t the picture perfect home you see on Instagram, and it has horrible lightning. I try to use box lights, work around rooms when the sun is moving and shining through, or get outside!

Q: As a follow up to that, what apps do you use, or would you recommend to edit and organize your posts?

I struggle with this and I’m learning more about batching content now. But I love using Lightroom and Tezza to edit my photos. 

Q: What are your growth tips for other Moms who are just starting their accounts?

BE AUTHENTIC! Most of my audience messages me they love my content because I’m “me.” I share my struggles and I’m unapologetically myself. Don’t show up trying to please everyone, you’ll burn out. When you’re true to yourself and post/share what you love, the journey is going to be so fun. 

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in the influencer and social media world?

Making a consistent income. I want to be a 6 figure earner. And finding the time to not overwhelm myself. I’m a SAHM, and rarely have alone time. So trying to shoot edit post and engage on content is very hard most days. 

Q: What is your dream collaboration? Which brand(s)?

Travel hotels! I want to travel with my family and share it all along the way: the flights, the food, the hotels, the attractions! Also, fashion brands like revolve, asos, or other big stores that have a variety of items that many people with different styles can wear. 


Q: What are your thoughts on TikTok? Do you use it? Do you love it?

I am not a huge TikTok lover. I only post on there when I need to for a collab. I’ve built my IG audience and that’s enough for me. 

Q: If you use TikTok, how do you find it different to IG? Do you post different content, see a different audience, are people kinder, more brutal? Etc. 

My TikTok is hardly used. I honestly sometimes scroll at night to watch ScaryTok 😂

Q: If you were a brand and wanted to work with creators, how would you set up a collaboration? Ie. how many posts, which deliverables, over how many months. 

I would set up a month to month contract starting with 3 months. This allows the creator to showcase their style and how they can deliver for the brand. I’d also allow for creative freedom. I love seeing different creators post for a brand and how different all of their work is! I’d also look at which deliverables do better. Some people rock reels, some static posts. 

Q: What is one thing you wish brands did differently when it comes to approaching you for collabs?

When they negotiate payment, I’d love a more clear of “why” they give that price. I’ll put a value on my time and efforts, and when they come in at half or below half I’d love to know why they think I’m only worth so much. That feedback can help us grow. 

Bianca's collabs with Karma & Luck, LifeForce and The Mama Bag

Q: Are you on Threads or any other platforms?


Q: Is being a creator your full time job or do you also work another job?

This is it baby! And a domestic engineer aka stay at home mom. But that pro bono. 

Q: Who are your top 3 creators on social that we should all follow?




Q: Where do you draw knowledge about entrepreneur life from? Podcasts, books, blogs?

Blogs and some books. 

Q: Any tips on producing great Stories?

I love adding music and voiceover and a hook. This makes people hold down to stay longer and engage. 

Q: Thoughts on hashtags? Do you use them / have a specific strategy?

Rarely. I feel they don’t serve much of a purpose anymore. 

Q: How do you plan your content? Weekly, monthly, on the fly? Any tips for other creators?

On the fly. I’m trying to get better at this. I think if I can start batching content and planning, I’d be much more successful. 

Q: What goal or milestone are you currently working towards in terms of your personal brand?

6 figure earner, and making content ahead of time so I’m not always on my phone. 

Q: There are a lot of factors that contribute to great content, but as an influencer, how do you judge whether a post or collaboration has been successful? 

If my audience is engaged and if I’m proud of the work I put out. 

Q: How do you avoid the dark hole of obsessing over your numbers?

I let the go. All the time. Not every day is going to be a rockstar social media day. I used to agonize over numbers and it’s not worth it. If I’m happy with the work I’ve produced and proud to have it on my feed, then that’s what matters. 

Q: Where do you shoot most of your content? If at home, what rooms? Favourite spot to shoot out in town?

At home I use my living room or kitchen the most because I have the best light. In town I try to find different spots around the city to mix it up. 

Q: Answer this - Being a creator has... allowed me to find an outlet outside of my home that allows me to express myself in a fun and creative way. And it has allowed me to learn about myself and meet the most incredible people and brands. 

Q: How are people’s responses to finding out you are a creator? Ie. being in your life, new friends, etc. Are they supportive or do people judge you in any way?

My husband is supportive now. He does hate that I’m on my phone a lot, but has tried to find time to help with the kids so I can get things done uninterrupted. My mom is my biggest cheerleader, my sister helps take my photos and videos at times, and I have some great friends who help as well. I have lost friends only because I’ve removed them as  they’ve made snarky remarks on “influencers.” I don’t need that negativity in my life. Girl bye ✌🏽 

Q: Would you want any of your kids to become content creators when they grow up?

Maybe down the line. I want my kids to be kids and find their true passion before they venture into social media. 

Q: If you could expand into any product line, what would it be? Ie. home decor, clothing.

More travel! 

Enjoyed our interview with Bianca from @mothering.on.margartias

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